What’s changed in v1.9?

Release: v 1.9

Date: 1 june 2017


  • Improved performance of ProductPerformance chart
  • Improved performance of BatchPerformance chart
  • Improved performance of TotalOutput chart
  • Added filtered navigation in mainscreen
  • Added several batch update options
  • Output of Validate Data can be sorted on each column

Fixed bugs:

  • Data Validation: cycle was not showing as invalid when contains no activity
  • Data Validation: not all invalid data was shown


  • Mainscreen: Calculation used NPC instead of theoretical speed
  • Shift start time could not be modified
  • Modifying Cycle IsLocked property did not enable/disable editing on mainscreen
  • Wait indicator locked window
  • ActivitiesOverview showed incorrect IsValid data
  • Period report quality charts showed more than 5/10 items
  • Period report average was Zero when production was not selected
  • Effectiveness Operators deviation wrong calculation
  • Quality Pie chart did not print
  • ActualGoodProductCountDoesNotMatchExpected was not being properly localized
  • Activity Data Validation was not working correctly
  • Quality Pie chart did not print labels correctly
  • Quality Pie chart did not print header correctly


What’s changed in v1.8?

Release: v 1.8

Date: 1 May 2017


  • Data that is based on invalid/non-plausible date in shift-calculations (=mainscreen) is displayed transparent on charts
  • Clicking on Activity-category in charts -which are (not) grouped by Cycle- will display cycle in mainscreen.
  • Shift-data can now be locked (e.g. by teamleader) to lock cycle from editing
  • Shifts can be locked/unlocked in batches by via [Data] [Batch Update]
  • Charts / Reports display ‘invalid data’ message, taking into account every individual set of shift-data, not just the summary data (as it did before)
  • Performance of generating charts/reports has been improved in analysis
  • Number of ‘good products expected’ in production activity has been added


  • Random ordering in Effectiveness In Time when showing smaller or larger sets
  • Andon chart showing incorrectly losses (ex difference in results for Andon and EffectivenessInTime charts when only one cycle is shown (1-10-2015, Unifill2, Early)
  • Batch performance incorrect Y axis maximum value
  • Batch performance crashes when good products are not selected
  • Batch performance series do not page data correctly
  • Batch performance series are not correctly synchronized when only quality is shown (no split)
  • Period report displays activity duration in seconds, instead of minutes
  • Fixed bug in OutputInTime chart when Average is not selected
  • Database tool creates configuration file with empty name when there are no configuration files
  • Mainscreen IsValid property is no properly handled when calculating data
  • Mainscreen incorrect data on activity pareto chart
  • Choosing Line in Common filter options in analysis does not produce correct results
  • Andon chart does not display machine / line name in title
  • Availability In Time: fixed coloring for constant lines, coloring for point series

What’s changed in v1.7?

Release: v 1.7

Date: 1 April 2017


  • Added Solitaire calculation in CascadeLosses
  • Improved category naming in Effectiveness bar


  • Mainscreen: actual output not valid indicator not refreshing in SinglePiece mode
  • Mainscreen: adding a new product does not move focus to it
  • Cascade Losses: incorrect OEE calculation
  • Adding non-good product when non-good product is selected

Theoretical maximum speed when manually unloading

Q: According to the fundamentals of ‘method-time measurement’, the standard time of an operation includes some fatigue allowance when the machine is loaded / unloaded manually by an operator.

Should I consider this standard time as theoretical maximum speed? Or should I eliminate the fatigue allowance from the standard time to find the theoretical maximum speed?


Calculate OEE on an hourly basis

Q: Suppose I want to calculate OEE continuously during the running shift, in order to present the team an ongoing status, how should I calculate this, specially when the machine is not running? Does the OEE drop to zero?

What if the Availability has been 50% for last hour but the actual production has been zero? What do you do with the Performance number? Should it be equal to zero?



Q: Should spillage be considered in OEE calculation?

Let’s say I’m producing 90 pieces instead of an expected 100. Then my OEE should be 90/100 = 90%. But now consider the conveyor is faulty because of which 10 pieces got spilled (without stopping the line). These 10 pieces are waste as those can’t be use as finished goods. So 90-10 = 80 is my actual output now. In this case, my OEE should be 80/100 = 80% right?


Quality Rate can not be determined immediately

Q:  Sometimes our process is being interrupted; i.e. the oven is stopped at a different moment than planned. At that moment it is not clear whether the product will be OK or not. We will block the product and take samples to determine the quality. This could take a couple of days. Wen everything is OK the product is released, otherwise it is being scrapped. This would have a retrospective effect on the OEE I guess? A correct OEE for the day is no longer possible in this way. What number should I now use?