What’s changed in v1.9?

Release: v 1.9

Date: 1 june 2017


  • Improved performance of ProductPerformance chart
  • Improved performance of BatchPerformance chart
  • Improved performance of TotalOutput chart
  • Added filtered navigation in mainscreen
  • Added several batch update options
  • Output of Validate Data can be sorted on each column

Fixed bugs:

  • Data Validation: cycle was not showing as invalid when contains no activity
  • Data Validation: not all invalid data was shown


  • Mainscreen: Calculation used NPC instead of theoretical speed
  • Shift start time could not be modified
  • Modifying Cycle IsLocked property did not enable/disable editing on mainscreen
  • Wait indicator locked window
  • ActivitiesOverview showed incorrect IsValid data
  • Period report quality charts showed more than 5/10 items
  • Period report average was Zero when production was not selected
  • Effectiveness Operators deviation wrong calculation
  • Quality Pie chart did not print
  • ActualGoodProductCountDoesNotMatchExpected was not being properly localized
  • Activity Data Validation was not working correctly
  • Quality Pie chart did not print labels correctly
  • Quality Pie chart did not print header correctly


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